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8:00 am- 10:00 pm.

2830A Neptune Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34744



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Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Everything you need to know and more in order to prepare for your adventure into the headwaters of the Florida Everglades.

Capt Jim and Ms Angie

F.A.Q | Frequently Asked Questions
Need more information? Check out all of the questions and answers below.

Where do your tours go?
Depending on which length tour you choose will determine where your tour will take you. All tours will give you the marsh experience. The longer tours will also include Shingle Creek and Makinson Island (Seminole Indian fortress).

What will we see?
When you leave the boat ramp, you enter the Headwaters of the Everglades. The canal that leads you to the marsh was built right after the Civil War by Hamilton Disston.

What’s the best time of the day to go?
Daylight hours are the best time go, when wildlife is the most active.

When will I see the most wildlife?
There is abundant wildlife out in the swamps and marshes every single day. There are better times of the year to go depending on what you want to see. TBC

Will we see alligators?
YES! We have a 98% success rate of seeing alligators on every trip. While we are not a zoo and cannot guarantee sightings, we have a very good track record of always seeing at least one alligator on tours. Please remember that seeing 1 alligator is normal, seeing 2 alligators is fantastic, 3 or more is phenomenal!

Will we be in the swamp or on a lake?
Both. We access the swamp by heading down a canal and onto backwaters of Tohopekaliga first. There is simply no other way to get into the swamps and marshes without heading through the canal that was actually first constructed in 1880’s.This gives us access to over 260 miles of waterways, swamps, marsh and open Prairies.

How fast do you go? Do you go fast the whole time?
We hit a max speed of around 30 mph, but this is not consistent. The boat frequently stops and goes very slow so that we do not disturb wildlife and can get you as close to all of the creatures as possible.

What’s the difference between a tour and a ride?
A ride is at an amusement park and a tour is a personal private experience with six of your guests and a guide that leads on your outdoor experience.

What makes you different from the other airboat companies?
We run small boats with personalized experiences. You will be able to interact with your captain, rather than just speaking to him or her over a headset. We also take our time out in the swamp to give you the best experience possible. 30 minutes is simply not enough time to see much of anything!

What’s the difference between the tours?
Please refer to our tour pages for specifics on the difference between the tours. 1­Hour 90­Minute 2­Hours 4­Hours

What’s different on the sunset tour from the 1­hour tour?
Our extreme sunset tour takes you out in the swamps and marshes at the twilight of the day. The nocturnal creatures are starting to wake up and the daylight is fading away. We take this into consideration as we do our tour and position our guests for the best views of the sinking sun and the swamp and marsh creatures. You cannot get this experience at any other time of the day.

Where do the longer tours go?
The longer the tour, the deeper into the swamp you go! In addition all of our longer tours take you by islands out in the swamp. We can also go to Shingle Creek and the Cypress forest on some of our longer tours. Please check our TOURS page for more information.

What’s the cost?
Please see our RATES page to learn more about the different options for tours and cost.

What is your refund policy?
Refunds are gladly given when conditions make it impossible to complete our tours in a safe manner. Please be aware that we do go rain or shine. Rain does not shut down our tours. Always call ahead if you have concerns about weather. We will try to notify as customers as early as possible if we are unable to complete tours on a certain day for any reason.

Do you have headphones?
Yes, ear protection is required and provided for all passengers.

Do I need to bring a life jacket?
We have and will gladly provide you with a lifejacket, you do not need to bring your own.

Are life jackets required?
Life jackets are required for children 6 years of age and younger. Life jackets are optional for all passengers older than 6.

How many people fit on a boat?
Our airboats can carry up to 6 passengers at once. If you have more than 6 passengers we are able to accommodate your party by splitting the group onto two airboats. Both boats leave the dock together and conduct the same tour out in the swamps and marshes. Please note that every person is counted as a passenger, regardless of age. So that means even if you choose to hold a very small child in your lap, that child still counts as a passenger and we will not be able to add more people to the boat simply because there is an empty seat. This comes from federal maritime laws set forth by the US Coast Guard.

What if we have more than 6 people?
If you have more than 6 people in your group we will split you onto two or more airboats depending on the size of the group. All boats leave the dock together and conduct the same tour out in the swamps and marshes. Please note that every person is counted as a passenger, regardless of age. So that means even if you choose to hold a very small child in your lap, that child still counts as a passenger and we will not be able to add more people to the boat simply because there is an empty seat. This comes from federal maritime laws set forth by the US Coast Guard.

Can you take large groups?
With enough advanced notice we are able to accommodate even the largest of groups. Please call the office 1­407­572­3561 and speak to one of the employees to get more information on accommodating large groups, pricing, and availability.

Are reservations required?
Yes, we highly recommend making reservations in advance!

Can we just come and show up?
While we do accept walk in customers please note, you are subject to our availability that day, and we may have no availability at all! It is always best to call ahead and make a reservation, even if you are reserving for the same day.

Where is your ticket office?
Our office is located at: 4275 Neptune Rd. St. Cloud, FL 34769 We can be a bit hard to find, but we are there! Look for the brick and orangish painted strip of buildings. We are located directly next to an AllState Insurance Agent.

What do we wear?
Please dress appropriately for the weather. If it is hot outside it will be hot on the boat! If it is cold outside it will be cold on the boat! We recommend bringing a light jacket, just in case, but other than that please wear whatever will be most comfortable for you. We do provide rain slickers and lap blankets if necessary. Always check the weather before you come or call the office and we would be happy to provide you with a weather report.

Do we need bug spray?
You DO NOT need bug spray! You would think you do right? But because of the environment bug spray is not required. The swamps and marshes are very open, and while there are many insects, there are also a plethora of things that eat the insects!

What do you do if it rains?
Our tours run in the rain, we provide rain gear and canvas bimini tops over the boat. If lightning storms, then we hold the boat at the dock, wait for storm to pass over, and finish your tour.

Do you have tops on the boats?
Our boats do have tops! Each boat is equipped with a canvas bimini top to shield passengers from the sun and rain.

Do you have seat belts?
Seat belts are not required.

Are you wheelchair accessible?
Yes, our brand new boardwalk is built in a ramp fashion for wheelchair accessibility and leads down to our floating dock that sits at step level with the boat.

Can wheelchairs fit on the boat?
Our ramp is wheelchair accessible, but wheelchairs cannot fit on the boats because there is no way to secure them to the floor of the boats. Wheelchair occupants must be able to transfer a few steps from the dock to a seat on the boat. For more information please call the office at 407­572­3561

How early do I need to arrive?
We ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time in order to check in with the staff at the office, pay, receive your boarding pass, and drive the 1 mile down to the boat dock.

How often do your tours run?
Our tours are booked solely based on customer reservations, so there is no set times or schedule. Call the office to see what we have available for specific dates.

Are you open on Sundays?
Yes! We are open on Sundays from 12:00pm until 5:00pm.

Can I have a private tour?
There is an additional cost for completely private tours. Call the office for pricing specifics and details.

What is the minimum number of people who can take a tour?
There is no minimum number of people who can take a tour. We can carry up to 6 passengers per boat, if you are less than that or even a single rider we will do our best to fit you into an open slot on a boat that is already booked. Please call the office for availability.

Can we bring a drink, backpack, camera, etc?
Of course and also provide storage under our seats to stow away your belongings.

Do you have a cancellation policy and what is it?
Our cancellation policy includes 24 hour notice. As long as you call the office, (407) 572­3561 at least 24 hours in advance, you may cancel your tour without a penalty charge. If you fail to call at least 24 hours in advance.We do allow you to reschedule your tour, however, you will be unable to cancel outright without incurring the cancellation fee. The fee is the price of your tour in it’s entirety.

Can I drive the boat?

Do I need to bring anything?
We highly recommend bringing your camera to capture all of the incredible flora and fauna that you’ll see on your tour. Other items you might consider are sunblock, a hat, or a light jacket depending on the weather.

What else is there to do in the area?
Please see our “Other Things To Do” page! We list a few other area attractions and things to do both in St. Cloud and Kissimmee.

Are there any restaurants I can eat at near by?
Please check our OTHER THINGS TO DO page for more information one local area restaurants!

Is there parking for an RV?
Yes! You can park your RV in the same parking lot that services the boat dock.

Can I go fishing off the boats?
We offer a separate fishing guide service than you can book by calling the same number! We will be happy to put you directly in touch with one of our experienced fishing captains.

Do you provide transportation?
We do not provide transportation to our location, but we work very closely with a few transportation companies that we trust and know our business. Please call the office for details on transportation companies that we recommend.

How far is it from Disney, Seaworld, Universal, etc.?
We are about 20 miles and 45 minutes away from all major attractions in Central Florida.

How long will it take us to get there?
It depends where you are coming from, but within the Central Florida area we are about 45 minutes to 1 hour away from most major attractions such as Disney and Universal Studios.

Is it safe?
Yes! All of our Captains are U.S.C.G certified and we have a safety briefing you must engage in and listen to before the boat departs.

Will I get sea­sick or motion sick?
Generally, due to the smooth ride and gliding across the surface of the water, our passengers do not experience any sea­sickness or motion sickness. If you are especially susceptible to either of these conditions you may want to take some motion sickness medication before boarding the boat.

Is it good for kids?
This experience is EXCELLENT for children of all ages!

Will we get wet?
Not really! You may experience light spray as you glide across the waters, but you will not get wet.

Is there an age limit?
There is no minimum or maximum age to enjoy our tours! Our tours are a great activity for people of all ages; from small infants to the older generation. We have amazing testimonials that reveal how 3+ generations all loved the tour! See our TESTIMONIALS page for more information.

Can I smoke on the boat?
No smoking is allowed.

Can I drink alcohol on the boat?
Call ahead to check current county regulations regarding alcohol in county parks.

What credit cards do you accept?
We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Do you take cash?
Yes, of course!

Why do I need to leave a credit card # to hold my reservation?
The credit card # is part of our no­show policy. Should you book a tour with us, and then not show up at all, we use the credit card on file to charge you a no­show fee.

Can I purchase my tickets in advance?
You can purchase your tickets in advance by using our online ticket option and paying through PayPal, or by purchasing tickets from a third party vendor. If you use this method please call the office after your purchase to book a specific date and time.

How far in advance do I need to book?
We recommend booking at least 48 hours in advance of when you would like to depart. For larger groups and during the busy season (summer and holidays) we recommend booking at least 1 week in advance.

Can I book a tour the same day?
You can call the office the same day to book a tour, but please remember you will be subject to whatever our availability is that day. We may not be able to accommodate the time, tour, or size of your party. Please try book ahead for the best availability.

Can I bring my dog?
No personal pets, of any kind, are allowed on the tours. Service Animals are always welcome with proper documentation and safety harnesses.

Are there bathrooms?
Yes, there are bathroom facilities at our dock that may be used before you board the boat.

Why do we need to go to your ticket office? Why 30 min early?
We ask you to arrive 30 minutes early to the ticket office so that you may pay, check in, and receive your boarding passes. We are also able to answer any questions in regards to your tour before you depart and we have small souvenirs for sale.

Do you guarantee we will see alligators?
No one can guarantee alligator sightings in the wild, since it is completely up to the alligator whether they wish to be seen or not. We do have a 98% success rate on seeing alligators on every tour. The weather is the biggest factor in determining the amount of alligators that we get to see.

Do you see other boats?
There may be times that we see other boats coming and going.

Do you stop anywhere?
Yes we stop along the way to get up close to learn about and talk about what you are seeing. That makes for the perfect time to take photographs.

Can we get off the boat?
Yes, on our 4­Hour Tour only.

What are your office hours?
Regular office hours are Monday – Saturday 8:00­5:00 Sundays 12:00 – 5:00

Can I call anytime?
You can reach someone between 7:00am­10:00pm daily to book a tour.

Can you receive texts?
Our phone lines are mobile numbers and we can receive texts.

What’s the best way to reach you outside the US?
Email works best if you are unable to make international calls. You can directly send us an email through our website or

Why can’t I find any booking dates on the website?
Because we have 4 different tours to choose from and they are not on a set schedule we do not offer that option via our website. You may call however anytime and an associate will be happy to assist you.

What do we do if we are late?
If you anticipate that you will be running late we ask that you call us as soon as possible. In most cases we can wait for you to arrive. If you are going to be more than just a little late we would be happy to reschedule your tour.

What happens if my child is scared and we don’t think we will be able to continue the tour?
Any concerns you may have while on the tour please bring to the attention of your captain. He will be more than happy to help. Very rarely do we need to cut a tour short due to fearful children.

Can I add someone else to my tour after it has been booked?
We will be happy to adjust your group size provided we can accommodate them with space that is still available on your tour.

Can I subtract someone from my tour after it has been booked?
Yes, we do ask that you give us 24 hour notice so we may make any necessary adjustments.

What happens in an emergency?
All our captains are U.S. Coast Guard Certified and all boats are equipped with a first aid kit. Additionally we would bring you back to the dock ASAP with an ambulance waiting if needed.

What kind of training are your captains required to have?
All captains go through U.S. Coast Guard certification, background checks, drug screening, CPR training, as well as hours of driving time.

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