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Orlando Airboat Tour Rates

Our Airboat Tour Packages are a fun and exciting way to experience the thrill and wonder of the Headwaters to the Florida Everglades. On any one of our airboat tours you could see any number of wildlife species from the famous Florida Alligator to the endangered Snail Kite and so many other species like the Osceola Wild Turkey, Wild Pigs and Deer and more.


**Our goal is to ensure that all of our guests have an enjoyable airboat experience with us.  Due to certain boat restrictions, if you would give us the courtesy of adding in the *Notes* area (when you purchase your tickets) if you have anyone that excessed 300 lbs so we can accommodate your family comfortably.


**Cancellation Policy – Our tours run rain or shine.    24 hour notice required for a refund.



90 Minute Airboat tour

90 Minute Airboat Tour

  • $65.00 – Adult 90 Minute Airboat Tour Ticket (11 years old and up)
  • $60.00 – Seniors  (62+)
  • $60.00 – Child 90 Minute Airboat Tour Ticket (3 to 10 years old)
  • Children under 2 years old are free

      The 90 minute Airboat Tour takes you a little deeper into the Headwaters to the Florida Everglades, Lake Tohopekaliga located in Kissimmee, Florida. More time in the Florida Environment and more opportunities for encounters with Florida Alligator and other wildlife. Great photo opportunities on this tour.

Two Hour Airboat Tour

2-Hour Airboat Tour

  • $85.00 – Adult 2 Hour Airboat Tour Ticket (11 years old and up)
  • $80.00 – Seniors  (62+)
  • $80.00 – Child 2 Hour Airboat Tour Ticket (3 to 10 years old)
  • Children under 2 years old are free

** Starting August 1, 2021- Shingle Creek will be closed to all vessels, while they dredge the area You can still purchase the 2 Hour tour, but we will not be visiting Shingle Creek. 

The 120 minute Airboat Tour takes you where most airboat tours can’t take you because of time limitations. This tour is an excellent opportunity for photographers and nature lovers. Deeper into the Swamps in Central Florida, you will get to view things most airboat tours never see. More Florida Alligators, More Florida Wildlife and More nature and environment than any other airboat tour or ride in Central Florida.

1-Hour Airboat Tour

  • $49.95 – Adult 1 Hour Airboat Tour Ticket (11 years old and up)
  • $44.95 – Seniors  (62+)
  • $44.95 – Child 1 Hour Airboat Tour Ticket (3 to 10 years old)
  • Children under 2 years old are free

        The 60 minute Airboat Tour takes you out into the Florida swamps to experience the amazing wildlife and landscape that makes the Florida swamps so amazing. This Airboat Tour is a great way to get a quick and exciting look into the natural environment of the Florida Alligator and other endangered wildlife.

Four Airboat Tour

4-Hour Airboat and Island Adventure

  • $166.00 – Adult 4 Hour Airboat Tour Ticket (11 years old and up)
  • $155.00 – Seniors  (62+)
  • $155.00 – Child 4 Hour Airboat Tour Ticket (3 to 10 years old)
  • Children under 2 years old are free

     A great educational tour as your Captain introduces you to the beautiful flora and exotic wildlife that live in the marshes and swamps of Central Florida. Visit Shingle Creek, the headwaters of the Everglades, then trek to the islands that were once inhabited by the Seminole Indians for centuries.  Pack a lunch and have a picnic and while there you will enjoy a beautiful 45 minute walk into the center of the island as your tour guide and captain introduce you to your surroundings.

We require a minimum of 4 people to conduct a 4 hour tour.

Book Your Own "PRIVATE TOUR"

    • 1 HOUR
    • $360.00 (1-5 People)
    • $424.00 (6 People)
    • $625.00 (7-10 People)
    • $750.00 (11-15 People)


    • 90 MINUTE
    • $465.00 (1-5 People)
    • $555.00 (6 People)
    • $780.00 (7-10 People)
    • $1255.00 (11-15 People)


    • 2 HOUR
    • $620.00 (1-5 People)
    • $695.00 (6 People)
    • $1020.00 (7-10 People)
    • 1445.00 (11-15 People)


    • 4 HOUR
    • $1155.00 (1-5 People)
    • $1320.00 (6 People)
    • $1980.00 (7-10 People)
    • 2800.00 (11-15 People)



Our Private Tours allows our guests to “create” their own tours.  Spend time, one on one, with your captain. Ask questions, explore the area, see the wildlife or just go for an airboat ride.

Daily tickets, Reservations & Departure Site

2830 Neptune Rd.
Kissimmee, FL 34744

We welcome you to visit us and enjoy your day in the great outdoors. Offering clean restrooms, a playground for children, picnic pavilions, and sidewalks leading down to our new 80-foot docking facility, which includes a handicap accessibility ramp to our airboats.

Once you confirm your reservation with the day and time of your departure on your Eco Safari, please allow yourself ample time to reach our location. Arriving 30 minutes prior to your tour departure time allows the time necessary for you to check in, receive your boarding pass.

Thank you for choosing Marsh Landing Adventures, an Eco Friendly Airboat Safari.

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Purchasing Tours

Don’t want to purchase online or need more info, simply call our hotlines 407-572-3561 or 407-624-0973 and talk to a live reservationist available 7am till 10pm eastern time, 7 days a week to reserve your tour on Orlando Airboat Tours Premier Airboat Eco Safari into the Headwaters of the Florida Everglades.  We require a credit card number, exp date and cvc  to booked your reservation.  There is a credit card processing fee of $8.69 per transaction.

All of our airboats offer amazing views of the wildlife from all seats without the crowded nature of the larger passenger “barge” type airboats.

Airboat Tour Package Differences

We offer you a lot of airboat tour choices to experience the wild and untamed Florida. From our quick and very exciting 60 minute airboat tour all the way to our in depth and thrilling 4-hour tour that takes you deeper and further into the Central Florida Swamps.

What Private Airboat Tours Mean

Our boats carry 8 and 10 passengers along with a Captain, who is your personal tour guide.  We also have a 15 passenger boat for bigger groups.   Want a boat for just your family / group , we have Private Tours available.