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Alligator Hunts

Alligator Hunts Start Soon!

In the state of Florida alligator hunts are legal, but highly regulated.  Every year there is a lottery for permits to hunt gators.  Since 1988, Florida’s statewide alligator harvest has been nationally and internationally recognized as a model program for the sustainable use of a natural resource. Each year, alligator management units are established with appropriate harvest quotas to provide recreational opportunities for Floridians and non-residents who are at least 18 years old to take up to 2 alligators per permit.

The alligator used to be considered an endangered species, but through statewide and national conservation efforts it made such a strong comeback, especially in Florida, that it can now be legally hunted.  The season lasts from August through September, but each area and lake can have different dates and regulations.  Make sure you visit for more information before you head out on an alligator hunt.

Marsh Landing Adventures offers alligator hunts!  Our space is extremely limited, but this is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity.  If you are interested in heading out into the swamps and hunting the reptile most closely related to dinosaurs, give our office a call and soon! (407) 572-3561

After you’ve captured your gator there are a few different options that may appeal to you.  You can have the entire gator sent off to a taxidermist who will prepare the gator in a multitude of positions; from standing, to laying, to even jumping.  The taxidermist will create a lasting memory of your gator hunt from the gator itself!  You can also choose to butcher the gator for the meat!  Gator meat is delicious and the texture and consistency lends itself to many different recipes.  If you choose the meat option you can always choose to have pieces, such as the head or legs, sent off to a taxidermist to be turned into keepsakes of your hunt.  We even sell Alligator Claw Backscratchers here at the Marsh Landing Adventures office.

Whatever you do, always make sure you are safe, working with professionals, and doing everything legally.  We wish you the best of luck and happy hunting!


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