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At Marsh Landing Adventures, we have the opportunity to offer a special destination for our longer tours, including the two-hour and four-hour Florida airboat rides! With our longer airboat rides, you will venture out to Shingle Creek, the Headwaters of the Florida Everglades. Many do not realize that the Everglades begins here in central Florida.

Our Orlando Everglades tours are an opportunity to see more natural and primitive Florida wildlife. You will have the opportunity to see endangered wildlife, bald eagles, Everglades hawks, alligators, spoonbills, deer, wild pigs, limpkins, herons, egrets, pelicans and much more!

Our four-hour Wilderness Excursion Airboat Safari Everglades Tours Orlando will have you in awe of the natural Florida wildlife all around you. With the vast amount of species of birds, wildlife and flora, you will have amazing lifetime memories that will be made. Experience this with your family, best friends and perfect for the outdoor Florida wildlife photographer.

Airboat Going On A Tour Of Everglades

Four-hour airboat rides are extremely rare and unheard of but we have listened and met the desires of our guests! Time goes by quickly when out on the marsh, whether it is a 90-minute tour or four-hour airboat tour. Seeing the beautiful nature and not knowing exactly what you may see keeps you always watching for what’s next!

The 4-hour airboat tours take you through the trails of the 90-minute tour, deeper into the marsh to Shingle Creek and then stopping at one of our islands for a land excursion. On the island, you will learn about the early inhabitants from the Seminole Indians to the early settlers. Enjoy our hike, bring your own lunch, and enjoy all of what is around you. Call us today to Book your Tour at (407) 572-3561.

Our Airboat Tours Allow You To See Natural Florida Wildlife!

Everglades Cypress Tree
Airboat Ride
Aligator In Swamp

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Orlando Airboat Tours is now open. With your safety in mind, we are taking every precaution to keep you and your family safe!